21 PHIL 553



Accused was charged with larceny or the unlawful use of  electric current.  He was found guilty.   

It  is  true  that  electricity  is  no  longer  considered  as  fluid  but  its manifestations and effects are like those of gas, may be seen and felt.  The true test on whether of what is a proper subject of larceny seems to be not whether  the  subject  is  corporeal  or  not  but  whether  it  is  capable  of
appropriation by another than the owner.  
Electricity, is a valuable article of merchandise, bought and sold like other personal property and is capable of appropriation by another. 


An electric current is not a tangible thing, a chattel, but is a condition or state on which a thing or chattel finds itself; and that a condition or state cannot  be  stolen  independently  of  the  thing  or  chattel  of  which  it  is  a condition or state.  That it is chattels, which are subjects of larceny and not
conditions.  (Electricity is only energy)