Conflict Between Special and General Law

What are the rules when a conflict arises between a special and a general law?

1. If the general law was enacted first, the special law is considered the exception to the general law. Therefore the general law remains a good law, and there is no repeal (Lichauco v. Apostol, 44 Phil 138), except insofar as the exception or special law is concerned. However if there are inconsistencies with the general law it is considered as a repeal to the general law.

2. If the special law was enacted first, both special law and general law are good laws unless:

a. There is an express declaration to tho contrary.

b. Or the is a clear , necessary and unreconcilable conflict (Cia General v. Coll. of Customs, 46 Phil. Cool c. Or unless the subsequent general law covers the whole subject and is clearly intended to replace the special law on the matter. (Joaquin v. Navarro, 81 Phil. 373)