has been in existent for way more than a decade. It is the first website to offer curated legal information online. Before the birth of, all legal information you can find on the internet in relation to Philippine laws are straight-up texts of laws and jurisprudence lifted from government sources. These pieces of information are bulky and hard to understand. It is difficult to find what you want and what you need. Furthermore, these pieces of information are unpalatable for non-law learners. is a product of frustration and imagination. It is built upon the premise that for people to understand the law, the information must be available to them. It should not however just be available, it must also be understandable. has been through a lot of phases from being a Simple Machines Forum (SMF) driven website to what it is now. There were many changes but the mission is the same: To spread Philippines law. Towards spreading Philippine law, has been providing free legal advice online, initially from emails to chats until the creation of the free legal advice forum.



The image above is the free legal advice forums from extending free legal advice to everyone in need. It was perfect until a lot of spammers populated it and forums simply went out of style. It was good while it lasted though. should keep innovating, that is what it is bred to do. So, again, as an industry first, Atty. Libayan and Atty. Magalong started live streaming free legal advice on YouTube and Facebook. The first-ever free legal advice live stream aired on August 31, 2018. Live streaming then was a relatively new and evolving technology.




Up to this day, is providing free legal advice daily on its YouTube Channel. Please visit the channel for more information.