281 SCRA 639    



Morato  has  filed  for  patent  over  a  parcel  of  land,  of  which  was  granted under the condition that he would not encumber it for a period of 5 years from  issuance  of  patent.    It  was  then  found  out  that  he  mortgaged  and leased the lots.   The government  sought for the revocation of the patent
issued.    The  trial  court  and  appellate  court  decided  in  favor  of  the respondents.   


Foreshore  lands  have  been  defined  to  be  that  part  of  the  land  which  is between the high and low water and left dry by the flux and reflux of the tides.    This  is  the  strip  of  land  that  lies  between  the  high  and  low watermarks and that is alternatively wet and dry according to the flow of the tide.
Foreshore  lands  may  not  anymore  be  the  subject  of  issuance  of  free patents.    Under  property  of  public  ownership  or  dominion  are  foreshore lands, as provided for in the Civil Code.

It is to be noted that when the sea moved towards the estate and the tide invaded it, the invaded property became foreshore land and passed to the realm of public domain.