Agrarian Reform

Association of Small Landowners in the Philippines v. Secretary of Agrarian Reform

– constitutionality of some of the measures mentioned in the CARL – Payment of just compensation is not always required to be made fully in money; Other modes of payment which are available to the landowner at his option are not unreasonable because payment made in shares of stocks, LBP bonds, other properties or assets, tax credits and other things of value are equivalent to the amount of just compensation.

Maddumba v. GSIS

– LBP bonds as payment – LBP bonds shall be accepted as payment of pre-existing obligations to government financial institutions at their face value and not at discounted value

Luz Farms v. Secretary of Agrarian Reform

– Section II of the CARL which includes “private agricultural lands, devoted to commercial livestock, poultry and swine raising” in the definition of “commercial farms is invalid”; Livestock or poultry raising
is not similar to crop or tree farming; agricultural land