Commission on Human Rights

Cariño v. CHR

– striking of teachers - CHR has adjudicative power (it may investigate i.e. receive evidence and make findings of facts as regards claimed human rights violations involving civil and political rights; cannot be likened to a judicial function; CHR has merely the power to investigate; it cannot try and resolve on the merits (adjudicate)


– CHR is a creation of the Constitution although it is not on the same level as the Constitutional Commissions. In essence, its power is only investigative.

Simon Jr. v. CHR

– human rights; civil rights; political rights – Human rights – generic term; civil rights – those rights that
belong to every citizen or inhabitant of the state or country [by virtue of his citizenship in the country] and are not connected with the organization or administration of government (marriage, equal protection, freedom of contract etc.); Political rights – right to participate, directly or indirectly in the establishment or administration of government (suffrage, run for public office); CHR – focus on SEVERE cases of human rights violations (right of political detainees, treatment of prisoners, fair and public trials etc.); CHR can cite or hold any person in direct or indirect contempt but not order them to desist