Sec.  10.  Terms, when sufficient. -  The instrument need not follow the language of this Act, but any terms are sufficient which clearly indicate an intention to conform to the requirements hereof.

Illustrative case:


103 PHIL 40



In  the  intestate  of  the  estate  of  spouses  Young,  Jimenez  presents  a promissory  note  signed  by  Pacita  Young  for  different  amounts  totaling P21,000.    The  administrator  is  willing  to  pay  the  promissory  note  on  the premise that the amount be adjusted.  Claimant assails the adjustment and
hence, she instituted a case for collection of sum of money.  
*Note: “6 months after the war”


The  administrator  calls  attention  to  the  fact  that  the  notes  contained  no express  promise  to  pay  for  a  certain  amount.    This  is  without  merit.    An acknowledge  may  become  a  promise  to  pay  by  the  addition  of  words  by which  a  promise  of  payment  is  naturally  implied,  such  as  “payable”,
“payable” on a given date, “payable on demand”, “paid…when called for”.
To  constitute  a  good  promissory  note,  no  precise  words  of  contract  are necessary, provided they amount, in legal effect, a promise to pay.