Sec. 12. Ante-dated and post-dated. - The instrument is not invalid for  the  reason  only  that  it  is  ante-dated  or  post-dated,  provided this is not done for an illegal or fraudulent purpose. The person to whom an instrument so dated is delivered acquires the title thereto as of the date of delivery.
Sec.  13.    When  date  may  be  inserted.  -  Where  an  instrument expressed  to  be  payable  at  a  fixed  period  after  date  is  issued undated,  or  where  the  acceptance  of  an  instrument  payable  at  a fixed  period  after  sight  is  undated,  any  holder  may  insert  therein the  true  date  of  issue  or  acceptance,  and  the  instrument  shall  be payable accordingly. The insertion of a wrong date does not avoid the instrument in the hands of a subsequent holder in due course; but  as  to  him,  the  date  so  inserted  is  to  be  regarded  as  the  true date.



      Under Section 6, the insertion of date is unnecessary
      However, it may be necessary to determine the date of maturity
      In  the following cases, the date is also necessary:
o      Where interest is stipulated, to determine when interest is to run, but not to make the instrument negotiable
o      To  determine  where  a  party  has  acted  within  a  reasonable time, but not make the instrument negotiable


      Knowingly  inserting  the  wrong  date  in  an  undated  instrument  will avoid it as to the party so inserting the wrong date
      It is implied that the instrument void as to the person who knowingly inserted the wrong date
      Also,  under  Section  12,  it  is  void  for  ante-dating  an  instrument  for fraudulent purposes
      To  a  holder  in  due  course,  the  instrument  is  not  void,  after  the instrument is indorsed to him.  The insertion of the wrong date doesn’t avoid the instrument in the hands of a holder in due course.