A complete statement of facts of the case
Appellant’s brief: contents
1.    Title of the case
2.    Crime charged
3.    Material  dates—to  find  out if  appeal  was  made  within reglementary period
a.    When copy of judgment is received  
b.    When  appeal  was made
4.    Facts upon which judgment was based
5.    Decision   being   appealed from
6.    Arguments  in  support  of appeal
7.    Prayer
Appellee’s  brief:  counterstatement
of facts 


Summary that the  party would make at the last minute; lays down the principles and authorities
Sometimes a case is won through a memorandum
Disadvantage in the appellate court—cannot Observe the demeanor of the witness
     Findings of fact of the trial court are given greater weight
     Usually  the  appellate  court sustains the trial court
     Counsel  of  the  appellant must highlight the error