Sec.  9.  Appeal  to  the  Regional  Trial  Courts.  –  (a)  Within  five  (5) days from perfection of the appeal, the clerk of court shall transmit the original record to the appropriate Regional Trial Court.
    (b) Upon receipt of the complete record of the case, transcripts and  exhibits,  the  clerk  of  court  of  the  Regional  Trial  Court  shall notify the parties of such fact.
    (c)  Within  fifteen  (15)  days  from  receipt  of  said  notice,  the parties  may  submit  memoranda  or  briefs,  or  may  be  required  by the  Regional  Trial  Court  to  do  so.  After  the  submission  of  such
memoranda  or  briefs,  or  upon  the  expiration  of  the  period  to  file the  same,  the  Regional  Trial  Court  shall  decide  the  case  on  the basis  of  the  entire  record  of  the  case  and  of  such  memoranda  or briefs as may have been filed.