What are the obligations of the captain?


1. Inventory of equipment

2. Keep a copy of Code of Commerce on board

3. Have a log book, freight book, accounting book 4. Conduct a marine survey of vessel before loading

5. Remain on board while loading

6. Demand pilot on departure and on arrival at each port

7. Be on deck when sighting land

8. Arrivals under stress: to file marine protest in 24 hours

9. Record bottomry loan with Bureau of Customs

10. Keep papers and properties of crew members who might die

11. Conduct himself according to the instuctions of the ship agent

12. Report to ship agent on arrival

13. Observe rules on the situation of lights and maneuvers to prevent collisions

14. Remain on board until the last hope to save the vessel is lost and to abide by the decision of the majority whether to abandon or not

15. In case of shipwreck: file marine protest, within 24 hours

16. Comply with rules and regulation on navigation. (Art. 612)