What are the inherent powers of the ship captain?


1. To appoint or make contracts with the crew in the ship agent’s absence, and to propose said crew, should said agent be present; but the ship agent may not employ any member against the captain's express refusal


2. To command the crew and direct the vessel to the port of its destination, in accordance with the instructions he may have received from the ship agent


3. To impose correctional punishment: a. Upon those who fail to comply with orders; or b. Those wanting in discipline


4. To make contracts for the charter of the vessel in the absence of the ship agent or of its consignee


5. To adopt all proper measures to keep the vessel well supplied and equipped, purchasing all that may be necessary for the purpose, provided there is no time to request instruction from the ship agent


6. To order, in similar urgent cases while on a voyage, the repairs on the hull and engines of the vessel and in its rigging and equipment, which are absolutely necessary to enable it to continue and finish its voyage. (Art. 610)