268 SCRA 5



Technogas  owned  property  with  buildings  and  walls.    Uy  bought  an adjacent  property.    There  was  an  agreement  for  Technogas  to  demolish the wall.    Uy  filed  a  complained  but  the  case  was  dismissed.    This  prompted him  to  dig  a  hole  along  the  wall,  which  led  to  the  partial  collapse  of  the wall.  A case for malicious mischief was filed against Uy.


1.    Unless  one  is  versed  in  the  science  of  surveying,  no  one  can determine the precise extent or location of the property by merely examining his proper title.

2.    The  supervening  awareness  of  the  encroachment  by  petitioner doesn't  militate  against  its  right  to  claim  the  status  of  builder  in good faith.

3.    Bad faith isn’t imputable to a  registered owner  of a land when a part of his building encroaches upon a builder’s land