25 SCRA 687



The trial  court granted a writ of possession in favor of  Lucero.   This  was opposed  to  by  oppositors  Loot  but  the  court  didn’t  see  any  merit  in  the same.  Consequently, a writ of possession was issued.   


A  writ  of  possession  may  be  issued  not  only  against  the  person  who  has been  defeated  in  a  registration  case  but  also  against  anyone  adversely occupying  the  land  or  any  portion  thereof  during  the  land  registration
proceedings.    the  issuance  of  the  decree  of  registration  is  part  of  the registration  proceedings.    In  fact,  it  is  supposed  to  end  the  said proceedings.      Consequently,   any   person   unlawfully   and   adversely occupying said lot at any time up to the issuance of the final decree, may be subject to a judicial ejectment by means of a writ of possession and it is the  duty  of  the  registration  court  to  issue  said  writ  when  asked  by  the successful claimant.
If the writ of possession issued in a land registration implies the delivery of the  possession  of  the  land  to  the  successful  litigant  therein,  a  writ  of demolition must, likewise issue, especially considering that the latter writ is but a complement of the latter, which, without said writ of execution would be ineffective.