Due to an information given by a person, who allegedly was being forcibly recruited by accused to the NPA, the members of the Constabulary went to the house of accused, asked about his firearm and documents connected to subversive activities.  Accused pointed to where his firearm was as well as his other documents allegedly.    


The right of the person to be secure against any unreasonable seizure of his  body  and  any  deprivation  of  liberty  is  a  most  basic  and  fundamental one.    The  statute  or  rule,  which  allows  exceptions  to  the  requirement  of warrants  of  arrest  is  strictly  construed.    Any  exception  must  clearly  fall within  the  situations  when  securing  a  warrant  would  be  absurd  or  is manifestly  unnecessary  as  provided  by  the  Rule.    We  cannot  liberally construe  the  rule  on  arrests  without  warrant  or  extend  its  application
beyond  the  cases  specifically  provided  by  law.    To  do  so  would  infringe upon  personal  liberty  and  set back  a basic  right  so  often violated  and  so deserving of full protection.