Distinction       Pardon                      Amnesty

As to type of offense             Infractions of the peace or private crimes    Public crimes                             

Grantee                                  An individual                                        Classes of persons

As to the need of                   Not necessary                                         Necessary
Congress’ concurrence                            

Act of grantee                       Distinct acts of                                       The grantee need not
                                            acceptance by the                                    accept
                                            grantee is needed

As to judicial notice              Courts don’t take                                    Courts take judicial
                                            judicial  notice  because                            notice because it is a
                                            it is a private act of the                             public act
                                            president.    Therefore,
                                            the fact of being
                                            granted pardon must
                                            be proved in court.

As to effect                           Relieves   the   offender                          Abolishes the offense
                                            from the consequences
                                            of the offense

When it  may be                     Only after conviction                              Before or after conviction
granted                                 by final judgment