Accused Lawfully Arrested Without Warrant

Sec. 7. When accused lawfully arrested without warrant. – When a person is lawfully arrested without a warrant involving an offense which   requires   a   preliminary   investigation,   the   complaint   or information  may  be  filed  by  a  prosecutor  without  need  of  such investigation    provided   an   inquest   has   been    conducted   in accordance with existing rules. In the absence or unavailability of an inquest prosecutor, the complaint may be filed by the offended party or a peace officer directly with the proper court on the basis of the affidavit of the offended party or arresting officer or person.

Before  the  complaint  or  information  is  filed,  the  person  arrested may  ask  for  a  preliminary  investigation  in  accordance  with  this Rule, but he  must sign a waiver of the provision of  Article  125 of the  Revised  Penal  Code,  as  amended,  in  the  presence  of  his counsel. Notwithstanding the waiver, he may apply for bail and the investigation must be terminated within fifteen (15) days from its inception.
After  the  filing  of  the  complaint  or  information  in  court  without  a preliminary  investigation,  the  accused  may,  within  five  (5)  days from  the  time  he  learns  of  its  filing,  ask  for  a  preliminary investigation with the same right to adduce evidence in his defense as provided in this Rule.