CITIZENSHIP - Citizens by election

Co v. HRET

- representative; 2nd District of Samar; election of citizenship – The exercise of the right to suffrage and the participation in election exercises constitute a positive act of election of Philippine citizenship; Any election of Philippine citizenship on the part of Jose Ong would not only have been superfluous but would also have resulted in absurdity considering that it was the law itself that had already elected Philippine citizenship for him.

In re: Ching

– permission to take the lawyer’s oath; Ching elected Filipino citizenship beyond the required “upon
reaching the age of majority” – If the citizenship of a person was subject to challenge under the old charter, it remains subject to challenge under the new charter even if the judicial challenge had not been commenced before the effectivity of the new Constitution; CA 625 and the 1935 Constitution did not prescribe a time within which the election of Philippine citizenship should be made; “reasonable time”; “upon reaching the age of majority” – it was clearly beyond by any reasonable yardstick, the able period to exercise the privilege.