Place Of Presentment Of Negotiable Instruments

Sec. 73. Place of presentment. - Presentment for payment is made at the proper place:

(a) Where a place of payment is specified in the instrument and it is there presented;

(b) Where no place of payment is specified but the address of the  person  to  make  payment  is  given  in  the  instrument  and  it  is there presented;

(c)  Where  no  place  of  payment  is  specified  and  no  address  is given  and  the  instrument  is  presented  at  the  usual  place  of business or residence of the person to make payment;

(d)  In  any  other  case  if  presented  to  the  person  to  make payment  wherever  he  can  be  found,  or  if  presented  at  his  last known place of business or residence. (ORDER OF PREFERENCE)