Sec.  64.  Liability  of  irregular  indorser.  -  Where  a  person,  not otherwise a party to an instrument, places thereon his signature in blank  before  delivery,  he  is  liable  as  indorser,  in  accordance  with the following rules:
      (a) If the instrument is payable to the order of a third person, he is liable to the payee and to all subsequent parties.
      (b)  If  the  instrument  is  payable  to  the  order  of  the  maker  or drawer,  or  is  payable  to  bearer,  he  is  liable  to  all  parties subsequent to the maker or drawer.
      (c) If he signs for the accommodation of the payee, he is liable to all parties subsequent to the payee.


•      An  irregular  indorser  is  one  who  not  otherwise  a  party  to  an instrument, places his signature thereon his signature in blank before delivery


•      Its an indorsement in an unusual, peculiar, or singular manner
•      His name appears where he would naturally expect another name


•      It means the initial delivery
•      Provision doesn’t apply if the signature was placed after delivery