What is the authorized driver clause?


It indemnifies the insured owner against loss or damage to the car but limits the use of the insured vehicle to: 1. The insured himself; or 2. Any person who drives on his order or with his permission. (Villacorta v. Insurance Commissioner, G.R. No. 54171, Oct. 28, 1980)


What is the main purpose of an authorized driver clause


Its main purpose is to require a person other than the insured, who drives the car on the insured’s order, such as, his regular driver, or with his permission, such as a friend or member of the family or the employees of a car service or repair shop to be duly licensed drivers and have no disqualification to drive a motor vehicle. (Villacorta v. Insurance Commission, G.R. No. L-54171, Oct. 28, 1980)