Reinstatement After Suspension or Disbarment

a. In Re: Petition to Take the Lawyer’s Oath of Arthur Cuevas, Jr., January 27, 1988

A new lawyer was allowed to take his oath after his discharge from probation without any infraction of the conditions. He was given the benefit of the doubt.

b. Fernandez vs. Grecia, June 17, 1993

The act of stealing the exhibits can be treated as an unlawful and dishonest act of a lawyer, a violation of his bounden duty to uphold the Code of Professional responsibility.

Zaldivar vs. Gonzales, 166 SCRA 316

A lawyer who was suspended was reinstated after cleansing himself. He used intemperate and unfair criticism against the Supreme Court in gross violation of the duty of respect to the courts.

Petition for Leave to Resume Practice of Law, Benjamin Dacanay, B.M. No. 1678, December 17, 2007. He was allowed subject to compliance with requirements of the Rules, especially so that he became a Canadian citizen later. He has to reacquire his Filipino citizenship and apply for a permit to practice law.