Any person who is criminally liable is also civilly liable.

> The prosecution of the civil action based on a quasi delict is no bar to recover the civil liability based on the crime ( Santos s. Pizaro 465 SCRA 22)

> Moral damages in favor of the offended party only in criminal cases enumerated in Article 2219 paragraphs 1,3,4,5,7 of the Civil Code and analogous cases. To wit:

Thus the law does not intend that moral damages should be awarded in all cases where the aggrieved party has suffered mental anguish or morals shock… otherwise there would  not have been any reason for the inclusion of the specific acts in Article 2219 ( PP. vs. Manuel 476 SCRA 461)

> Exemplary damages are justified under Article 2230 if there is an aggravating circumstance, whether ordinary or qualified

>  Temperate damages are awarded if the court finds that some pecuniary loss has been suffered but its amount cannot, from the nature of the case, be proved with certainty.