I. The basis is the penalty prescribed by the RPC and not the actual penalty imposed by the court. If both imprisonment and fine are prescribed as penalties, it is the penalty of imprisonment which is used as basis.


II. The classifications are:

A. Light- the penalty is imprisonment of one day to thirty days or fine of not more than P200.00

1. They are punished only in their consumated stages except with respect to light felonies against persons or property. The reason is because they produced such light or insignificant results that society is satisfied if they are punished even if only in their consummated stage.

2. Only principals and accessories are liable


B Less Grave: by imprisonment of more than one month but not more than 6 years or fine of P200.00 but not more than P6,000.00


C. Grave: the imprisonment is more than 6 years or fine of more than P6,000.00. They are either 1. Heinous- the penalty is reclusion temporal  to reclusion perpetua or 2. Non heinous.


II. The Importance of the classification is in relation to (a) prescription of crimes (b) complexing of crimes (c) imposition of subsidiary penalty (d) determination of who are liable for the offense (e) determination what stage of execution is punishable and (f) determination of the period of detention of persons lawfully arrested without warrant.