1. If it seems too good to be true…Alam na this. Sasabihin nila, wala kang gagawin, mag FB ka lang, basta may CP at internet ok na, bla bla bla.
  2. Sasabihin nilang sigurado and kitahan.

No one can guarantee a specific return. No stock market return can ever be guaranteed. Period.

  1. Sasabihin nilang bihira lang ang opurtunidad na ito at dapat wag mo nang palampasin- kung magandang opurtunidad, bakit madalang?

Sometimes people claim that they have access to a unique opportunity, something that is not offered to regular people. If it is a good public opportunity? Why only to the few?

  1. Mayroon kang babayaran para kumita or kaya mag invest, jan sila kumikita, gaano man kaliit o kalaki ang bayad.

You will be asked to pay membership or starter packages to start earning. In the end you will ask others to do the same thing as you have done. Ask other people pay for membership or packages.

  1. Kumikita ka sa pamamagitan ng pag rerecruit.

The more people you ask to join and pay, the more money you and your uplines get. These are some of the oldest scams in the book, and they rely on the power of social circles. The scammer will pay off the people in the initial rounds of the scam, in order to persuade them to bring in more of their friends and associates. You are convinced because you actually know someone who got paid the promised amount. You will be asking people then to join you like how they did it to you.

  1. Urgency. Mamadaliin ka sa pag iinvest “kuno”

They will not give you time to do a decent research on the proposal they are presenting before you. They will say that opportunity will pass you if you do not become a part of it immediately.

  1. Papakitaan ka ng mga proof ng kitaan para ma enganyo kang sumali.

They will show you money, cars or houses as proofs of “success” of the people who joined the investment scam. These properties generally do not belong to them but to their uplines and promises you that you will also get it in the future if you join now.

  1. May mga na issue ng government warnings na laban sa kanila.

The SEC on the is very active in issuing warning against investment scams especially those which are registered with the SEC. If there is an investment company that Sec warned you about already, do not listen to what the “members” or CEO of that company say, most definitely, it is a scam.

  1. Pag nag search ka ng company name tapos “scam” lalabas yung kumpanya na yun.

If you search the company name plus “scam”, there are returned results. Usually, even google suggestions say that it is a scam.

  1. Walang product o kung may product and pangunahing pagkaka kitaan pa rin ay yung pag recruit ng tao.

This is what you call the Ponzi scheme or the pyramid scheme. You earned by recruiting people to join and pay in. The more people you pool in, the more money you are your uplines will have.

P.S.  Pwede registrado sa SEC, DTI o hindi. Hindi automatic na pag registrado ay lehitimo na agad. Madali lang magpa rehistro.