1. Slavery Proper under Art. 272.


A. Concept:  The crime committed by a person who shall purchase, sell (kidnap) or detain a human being for the purpose of enslaving him.


B. If the purpose is to assign the person to some immoral traffic, the penalty is higher. This is referred to as White Slavery ( Why the term white? To distinguish it from the slavery of Black Africans the purpose of which is to make them work as field hands, laborers, house-helps, against their will and without compensation)


Note: There are two kinds of White Slavery or “pimping” ( supplying women as partners for sex)

1. That under Article 272 where the accused is not engaged in prostitution

2. That under Article 341 where the accused is engaged in the business of prostitution


C. There is a Flaw in the law: If the detention is not to enslave or to assign to immoral traffic, the crime is serious illegal detention punishable by reclusion perpetua whereas, if the purpose is to enslave the woman the penalty is prision mayor, and if it white slavery the penalty is prision mayor maximum


2. Exploitation of Child Labor under Article 273


A. Concept: The crime committed by any person who shall retain a minor in his service as payment of the indebtedness of the minor’s ascendant, guardian or person entrusted with the custody of the minor.

B. The accused is a creditor   


3. Services rendered under compulsion in payment of a debt

A. Concept: the crime committed  by a creditor who compels the debtor to work  for him as household servant or farm laborer. If in some other capacity as office worker for example, the crime is coercion.


Question: What are the crimes committed by a Creditor in relation to the debt owed him?


1. Exploitation of Child labor (Art. 273)

2. Services Rendered under compulsion as payment of debt (Art. 274)

3. Light Coercion ( Art. 287) seizing, by violence, a property of a debtor to apply as payment of a debt


Crimes Involving Involuntary Servitude