Elements of Abduction (US v. De Vivar, 29 Phil. 456):

1. The person kidnapped must be a woman.

2. It must be against her will.

3. The abduction must be for lewd or unchaste designs.


Abduction is the taking away of a woman from her house or the place where she may be for the purpose of carrying her to another place with the intent to marry her or corrupt her. - People v. Crisostomo, 48 Phil 780.


The kidnapping of a woman by removing her from home, or from whtever place she may be, to take her to some other, for the purpose of her abductor's marrying her or corrupting her. - US v. De Vivar, 29 Phil 458.


There is abduction when a woman is carried away against her will, whether a vehicle is used or not. The crime is not aggravated by the use of a vehicle-- the use merely facilitated it. The use if motor vehicle  in abduction is absorbed by the crime itself. - People v. Panganiban, 18953-CR, August 21, 1981.