What happens when a co-owner sells the whole property as his?


The sale will affect only his own share but not those of the other co-owners who did not consent to the sale.

Note: A sale of the entire property by one co-owner without the consent of the other co-owners is not null and void but affects only his undivided share and the transferee gets only what would correspond to his grantor in the partition of the thing owned in common (Paulmitan vs. CA, GR No. 51584, Nov. 25, 1992.)




What are the expenses which the co-owners can be compelled to contribute?


Only necessary expenses. Useful expenses and those for pure luxury are not included.


What are those acts which require the majority consent of the co-owners?


a. Management

b. Enjoyment

c. Improvement or embellishment


What is the remedy in case the minority opposes the decision of the majority in co-ownership?


Minority may appeal to the court against the majority’s decision if the same is seriously prejudicial.