131 SCRA 532



Subject land was 20 meters away from the  shores of Laguna de Bay.  It was  owned  by  Benedicto  del  Rio.    After  his  death,  it  was  acquired  by Santos  del  Rio.    Private  oppositors  sought  permission  and  obtained  the same to  construct duck houses.  They violated agreement by consructing residential  houses.    Santos  then  sought  to  register  the  land  which  was opposed.  The oppositors was able to obtain sales application on the land.  The director of Lands alleged that since a portion of the land is submerged in water 4 to 5 months, then it forms part of the public domain.


According to the Law of Waters, the natural bed or basin of lakes, ponds, or  pools  is  the  covered  by  their  waters  when  at  their  highest  ordinary depth—regular, common, natural, which occurs almost or most of the time during the year.
Laguna  de  Bay  is  a  lake  and  that  part  around  it  which  becomes  covered with water 4 to 5 months a year, not due to tidal action, but due to rains cannot be considered as part of the bed or basin of Laguna de Bay nor as a foreshore land.  Property not being so, the land is registrable.