233 SCRA 239



Petitioners instituted an action for reconveyance against the heirs of Neri.  Previously, there was an agreement entered into by Neri with the heirs.  In the said agreement, Neri was a vendee-a-retro who has been entrusted the possession  of  parcel  of  land  for  14  years.    After  said  period,  he  would return  possession  to  the  petitioners.    The  trial  court  decided  in  favor  of petitioners.    The  CA  reversed,  saying  that  petitioner  failed  to  show preponderance of evidence to support their claim of absolute ownership.


In  able  to  maintain  an  action  for  recovery  of  ownership,  the  person  who claims  that he has a better right of the property must prove not only his ownership of the property claimed but also the identity thereof, fixing the identity of the land claimed by describing the location, area and boundaries thereof.   
What  really  defines  a  parcel  of  land  isn’t  the  area  mentioned  in  its description but the boundaries therein laid down, as enclosing the land and indicating its limits.