351 SCRA 399



Idolor  issued  a  deed  of  Real Estate Mortgage  with  right  to  extrajudicial  foreclosure  of  the property upon failure to redeem the mortgage, in favor of De Guzman for a loan,  which  she  secured.    Upon  her  failure  to  pay,  Guzman  sought  the foreclosure  of  the  Real Estate Mortgage.    The  property  was  sold  in  public  auction  to Gumersindo.    Petitioner  now  sought  the  nullity  of  the  proceedings  for alleged irregularities.  The trial court issued a writ of preliminary injunction enjoining  those  concerned  from  executing  a  final  deed  of  sale  and consolidation of ownership.   


Injunction is a preservative remedy aimed at protecting substantive rights and interests.  Before an injunction  can be issued, it is essential that the following requisites be present:

1.    There  must  be  a  right  in  esse  or  the  existence  of  a  right  to  be protected
2.    The act against which the injunction is to be directed is a violation of such right

Hence, the existence of the right violated, is a prerequisite to the granting of an injunction.  Injunction is not designed to protect contingent or future rights. 

The  petitioner  no  longer  has  any  proprietary  right  to  speak  of  over  the foreclosed property to entitle her to the issuance of a writ of injunction.