78 SCRA 130



Lanzar filed for application for registration of title over a parcel of land, to which the Director of Lands objected to as the land in question, according to  him,  was  part  of  the  foreshore  lands.    The  trial  court  adjudicated  the land  to  Lanzar  as  the  said  land  wasn’t  necessary  for  public  utility  or
establishment of special industries.   
The CA reversed the decision.


Lands added to the shore by accretion and alluvial deposits caused by the action of the sea, form part of the public domain.  When they are no longer washed  by  the  water  of  the  sea  and  are  not  necessary  for  purposes  of public  utility,  or  for  the  establishment  of  special  industries,  or  for coastguard  services,  then  the  Government  shall  declare  them  to  be property  of  the  owners  of  the  estate  adjacent  thereto  and  as  increment thereof.