50 PHIL 512



The  Deputy  Sheriff,  through  a  writ  of  execution,  attached  the  personal properties of Sibal, including the sugar cane in question in the 7 parcels of land described in a complaint.  The personal properties were then sold in public auction, including the sugar canes.  Included also in those attached were  real  properties  wherein  8  out  of  the  11  parcels  of  land,  house  and camarin were bought by Valdez through the public auction.  He also bought the sugar cane in question.


Generally,  sugar  cane  comes  under  the  classification  of  “ungathered products”  under  real  properties  in  the  CC.    However,  under  certain conditions,  it  may  be  considered  as  personal  property.    For  purposes  of attachment  and  execution,  as  well  as  for  the  purposes  of  the  Chattel Mortgage Law, ungathered products have the nature of personal property.