Broker Is Entitled To Compensation If He Is The Procuring Cause

The brokers are entitled to their commission because they were instrumental in the sale of the property. Without their intervention, no sale could have been consummated. They were the ones who set the sale in motion, or the procuring cause. A broker is generally defined as one who engaged, for others, on a commission, negotiating contracts relative to property with the custody of which he has no concern; the negotiator between other parties, never acting in his own name but in the name of those who employed him; he is strictly a middleman and for some purposes the agent of both parties. A broker is one whose occupation is to bring parties together, in matters of trade, commerce or navigation. (Tan vs. Gullas, 393 SCRA 330 (2002); (Medrano, et al. vs. CA, et al., G.R. No. 150678, February 18, 2005 (Callejo, J)).