When the obligation to ensure enjoyment of the use of the premises arise?

The obligation of the lessor arises only when acts, termed as legal trespass (perturbacion de derecho), disturb, dispute, object to, or place difficulties in the way of the lessee’s peaceful enjoyment of the premises that in some manner or other cast doubt upon the right of the lessor by virtue of which the lessor himself executed the lease, in which case the lessor is obligated to answer for said act of trespass. The lessee has the right to be respected in his possession and should he be disturbed therein, he shall be restored to said possession by the means established by the law or by the Rules of Court. Possession is not protection against a right but against the exercise of a right by one’s own authority. (Bercero v. Capitol Dev’t. Corp., G.R. No. 154765, March 29, 2007).