> Chapter 12 of Public Land Act

> Upon the recommendation of the Secretary of DENR, the President may designate by proclamation any tract/s of land of the public domain as reservations for the use of the RP or any of its branches, or of the inhabitants thereof, in accordance with the regulations prescribed for this purpose, or for quasi-public uses or purposes when the public interest requires it

> A certified copy of this proclamation shall be forwarded to the Register of Deeds of the province or city where the land lies

> Upon receipt of such copy, the Director of Lands shall order the immediate survey of the proposed reservation if the land has not been yet surveyed, and as soon as the plat has been completed, he shall proce3ed in accordance with the next following section

> The tract/s reserved shall be non-alienablen and shall not be subject to any occupation, entry, sale, lease, or other disposition until again declared as alienable and disposable