> Where an attachment or lien is maintained, or discharged or dissolved by any method provided by law, the certificate or instrument for the purpose shall be registered to give effect thereof

> If the attachment or lien is maintained, discharged or dissolved by the order of the court, a certificate of the Clerk of Court as to the entry of such order shall also be registered


> Purpose is to notify third persons who may be affected in their dealings with respect to such property

> The RD may properly deny the inscription of an order of attachment or levy of execution where the title to the property is not in the name of the judgment debtor but of another person, and no evidence has been submitted that he has any interest in the property

Section 72. Dissolution, etc. of attachments, etc. Attachments and liens of every description upon registered land shall be continued, reduced, discharged and dissolved by any method sufficient in law, and to give effect to the continuance, reduction, discharge or dissolution thereof the certificate or other instrument for that purpose shall be registered with the Register of Deeds. Section 73. Registration of orders of court, etc. If an attachment is continued, reduced, dissolved, or otherwise affected by an order, decision or judgment of the court where the action or proceedings in which said attachment was made is pending or by an order of a court having jurisdiction thereof, a certificate of the entry of such order, decision or judgment from the clerk of court or the judge by which such decision, order or judgment has been rendered and under the seal of the court, shall be entitled to be registered upon presentation to the Register of Deeds.