> The RD shall not issue any Transfer Certificate of Title to the grantee until a plan of such land showing the portion or portions into which it has been subdivided and the corresponding technical descriptions shall have been verified and approved

> The deed of conveyance may in the meanwhile be annotated by way of memorandum on the grantor’s certificate of title, which shall serve as notice to third persons on the fact of conveyance— to show and recognize the grantee’s title to the portion thus conveyed pending actual issuance to him of the corresponding transfer certificate of title

> Upon approval of the plan and technical descriptions of the specific portions into which the land has been subdivided, the same shall be filed with the office of the RD for annotation on the corresponding certificate of title

> The RD shall issue a new Transfer Certificate of Title to the grantee for the portion conveyed to him upon cancellation of the grantor’s certificate as to said portion

> But if the grantor so desires, his certificate of title may be totally cancelled and a new one issued to him for the remaining portion of the land

> Pending approval of the plan, no further registration or any annotation of any deed or voluntary instrument affecting the unsegregated portion shall be made by the RD except where such portion was purchased from the government or any of its instrumentalities