1. Survey of land by the Lands Management Bureau or a duly licensed surveyor

2. Filing an application for registration by the applicant

3. Setting the date of initial hearing of the application by the court

4. Transmittal of the application and the date of initial hearing together will all the documents or other evidence attached thereto by the Clerk of Court to the LRA

5. Publication of the notice of the filing of the application, date and place of hearing in the OF and in a newspaper of general circulation

6. Service of notice upon contiguous owners, occupants, and those known to have interests in the property by the sheriff

7. Filing of answer to the application by any person whether named in the notice or not

8. Hearing of the case by the court

9. Promulgation of judgment by the court

10. Issuance of the order for the issuance of a decree declaring the decision final and instructing the LRA to issue the decree of confirmation and registration

11. Entry of the decree of registration in the LRA

12. Sending of copy of the decree of registration to the corresponding Register of Deeds

13. Transcription of the decree of registration in the registration book and the issuance of the owner’s duplicate original certificate of title to the applicant by the Register of Deeds, upon payment of the prescribed fees