1. To quiet the title to land

2. To put a stop forever to any question of legality of the title, except claims which were noted at the time of registration, in the certificate, or which may arise subsequent thereto
> Once a title is registered the owner may rest secure, without the necessity of waiting in the portals of the court, to avoid the possibility of losing his land
> All the world are parties, including the government
> After the registration is complete and final, and there exists no fraud, there are no innocent third parties who may claim any interest.
> Aims to decree land titles shall be final, irrevocable, and indisputable, and to relieve the land of the burden of known as well as unknown claims
> The registration either relieves the land of all known as well as unknown claims absolutely, or it compels the claimants to come unto court and to make there a record, so that thereafter, there may be no uncertainty concerning either the character or the extent of such claims