> In this system, title by registration takes the place of “title by deeds” of the system under the “general” law

> A sale of land for example is effected by a registered transfer, upon which a certificate of title is issued
o Certificate is guaranteed by statute, and with certain exceptions, constitutes indefeasible title to the land mentioned therein
o Under old system, the same sale would be effected through conveyance, depending on its validity, apart from intrinsic flaws, on the correctness of a long series of prior deeds, wills, etc.

> Object of the Torrens system: to do away with the delay, uncertainty, and expense of the old conveyancing system
> Generally, by “Torrens” systems are meant those systems of registration of transactions with interest in land whose declared object is, under governmental authority, to establish and certify to the ownership of an absolute and indeafisible title to realty, and to simplify its transfer.