The petitioners were found guilty of gross negligence for having failed to deliver the respondent spouses, both physicians, a cablegram from Mercy Hospital. As a consequence, the position she was notified to occupy was given to another. Furthermore,  such failure cause respondents financial difficulties, due to loss of earnings, serious anxiety, and sleepless nights.

                The RTC granted the damages, hence, a petition was filed on the ground of excessive damages.



                Whether or not the contention of the petitioners in holding that such awards for damages are excessive.



                The Supreme Court was justified with the findings of the lower court that the petitioners were guilty of gross negligence. However, taking into account the facts and circumstances, the petitioner is a quasi-public corporation engaged in public service and that respondents would have incur living and other expenses, thereby reducing the net earnings which they would have received and that the wife succeeded in securing another better paying job approximately six moths afterwards,  the judgment was modified by decreasing the amount granted by the lower court.