195 SCRA 398


Lim and his family originally occupied a room for residential purposes. After they transferred residence, they utilized the room for the storage of some important belongings. The building had a common main door through which the occupants of the various rooms therein can get in and out therefrom. Each occupant was given a duplicate key to such doorlock. On a relevant date, when Lim needed to get his law books, his key couldn't open the door. He then needed to incur expenses in buying new law books because of the incident. When he was able to contact the officer-incharge, the latter refused to issue to him a new key.


Any person deprived of possession of any land or building or part thereof, may file an action for forcible entry and detainer in the proper inferior courts against the person unlawfully depriving or withholding possession from him. This relief is also available to lessees and tenants.