BATASnatin has again taken law review to another level! Introducing BATASnatin MCQuizzer!


BATASnatin Law MCQuizzer (beta) is a revolutionary quiz system which presents you 10 random MCQs from our questions archive for you to answer within a specified time limit. You can choose what particular category or subject you want to take the quiz with. The categories include:


  1. Political and International Law
  2. Labor and Social Legislation
  3. Civil Law
  4. Taxation Law
  5. Mercantile / Commercial Law
  6. Criminal Law
  7. Remedial Law
  8. Legal Ethics


After taking the exam and submitting your answers, you can immediately see your score and the correct answers. This is a good benchmark on what your knowledge is when it comes to Philippines Laws. You can take the quiz as many times as you want and you will be presented with a random set of questions every time- that means no two quizzes are exactly the same. As the quiz database increases, so is the variety of quizzes you can take and the knowledge you acquire.


The Law MCQuizzer is aimed at testing your knowledge and ability to recall the laws, doctrines, and principles that form integral part of Philippines Law.


BATASnatin MCQuizzer FAQs


Why is it free?

It is free to equalize acquisition of the knowledge of law to everyone, never curtailed by financial capacity.


How do I get access?

  1. To get access, first and foremost, you have to register a free account.
  2. Accumulate at least 50 posts in our community forum to be eligible to access all subjects. Please remember that the posts should be worthy posts- mere yes or no, or ok etc. posts will not be counted.
  3. After accumulation of 50 posts in the community forum, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to activate your account for full access to the BATASnatin Law MCQuizzer.


Why do I need 50 posts in the Community Forum to get access?

This is implemented to prevent leechers. has been online for more than four years now and has not charged a single cent from anyone. BATASnatin is alive because of the spirit of sharing. The Law MCQuizzer is a huge effort and a breakthrough, it entailed a lot of effort just materializing it. Now, the makers are not charging anything from you but to contribute in the forum. Be active, create topics and ask questions, create a venue where people can acquire knowledge. Free knowledge for all. You can also answer queries of people who needs your help. Remember, nobody is asking for expert advice, just your opinion. Well, I guess that is not much to ask.


I want to test the BATASnatin MCQuizzer, how do I do it?

To test theMCQuizzer, you can login with the following details:

username: johndoe

password: mcquizzer

Logging in with following username and password will enable you to access the Political and International Law category only. Upon reaching 50 posts in the Community Forum and asking for full activation, you can access all 8 categories.


To go to the quiz, click on the Law MCQuizzer on the menu after logging in.

If you have questions, comments, whatever about Law MCQuizzer, Click here and ask your question.