Sec.  11.  Date,  presumption  as  to.  -  Where  the  instrument  or  an acceptance  or  any  indorsement  thereon  is  dated,  such  date  is deemed  prima  facie  to  be  the  true  date  of  the  making,  drawing, acceptance, or indorsement, as the case may be.   


1.    The instrument contains the date of issue—prima facie the true date of the making or drawing of the instrument
2.    In an accepted bill of exchange, the acceptance is dated—prima facie the date of acceptance
3.    An instrument is indorsed, and the indorsement is dated—prima facie date of indorsement


      Evidence  produces  for  the  time  being  a  certain  result  but  that  result may be repealed by contrary evidence
      Apparent, as it first appears