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1.    In the court of the municipality or territory where the offense was committed  or  where  any  of  its  essential  ingredients  occurred—exception to this rule are those which fall under the jurisdiction of the Sandiganbayan

2.    If  the  offense  was  committed  in  a  train,  aircraft,  or  any  other public  or  private  vehicle:  in  the  court  of  the  municipality  or territory  where  the  vehicle  passed  during  the  trip,  including  the place of departure or arrival

3.    If committed on board a vessel in the course of the voyage: in the first  port  of  entry  or  of  any  municipality  or  territory  where  the vessel  passed  during  the  voyage,  subject  to  the  generally accepted principles of international law

4.    If  the  crime  was  committed  outside  the  Philippines  but  is punishable under Article 2 of the RPC: any court where the action is first filed